Innovative soultions

The Globe-Traveller brand can be distinguished among other vehicles in its class first of all with pioneer-like solutions. They are first camping buses with a double floor! Thanks to it, every vehicles can be also used in winter, while the floor is always level all along the car, without the uncomfortable difference in the levels between the front part of the driver and the housing part. The Voyager series offers the unique shape of the mini-alcove that allows us obtain a sufficient space for an unfolding bed over the driver’s seat, without negatively affecting the dynamism of the driving. A sophisticated, although very simple and failure-free construction of the bed is very special thanks to its ergonomy and comfort. The replacement of wing doors with a rear wall made of laminate has caused a prolongation of the interiors by ca. 12 cm, thanks to which compact Voyagers offer an extremely wide freedom of movements.
Our own ideas are widely appreciated not only among users of Globe-Traveller vehicles, but also among competitive companies. Hence all innovations are protected with patents.

  • Attractive exterior of the Voyager Series: Mini-alcove and rear extension with opened up storage compartment lid
  • Furniture built from lightweight plywood and
    extremely scratch-resistant laminate
  • Interior height of 195 cm throughout the living area
  • Gel battery 85 Ah in the living part
  • Modern and exclusive design; unique layouts
  • Comfortable access to longitudinal rear beds