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Voyager series

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Family models of the Voyager series is characterised outside with an aerodynamic form of a mini-alcove and the rear wall with a titling flap. It is possible to construct a folding bed of a novelty construction over the driver’s seat. It is extremely easy to operate and its usage does not exclude a free utilisation of the dining area. There is also available an option of a change of the table and sofa into a bed in every model – with the help of rotating front seats. The wardrobe, numerous shelves under the ceiling, and drawers in the kitchen part offer an optimal space for personal belongings and all other things necessary during the travel. The spacious trunk area is available after opening the rear flap.

Pathfinder series

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The Pathfinder is a modified version of the Explorer model. The raised roof and the fold-out bed at the front of the vehicle are two of the features from the Voyager model that allow up to 4 people to sleep in comfort. Unlike the Voyager series, however, the Pathfinder maintains its original back door. This solution allows the interior layout from previous Explorer models to be copied, which in turn makes the addition of the perpendicularly-placed rear bed as well as a version with a large bicycle rack (Z version) possible.

Explorer series

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Vehicles from the Explorer series are constructed on the basis of an original body of the basic car. They are equipped with four seats for the travel and they offer a night rest for two persons in the standard version. There is also a possibility to change the table, sofa, and rotating seats at the front into a third place for sleeping. The space over the driver’s seat and the table is filled in with boards so that all necessary things have their easily accessible place. There is a big space for luggage under the bed – a comfortable access to it is ensured by wing doors.

Challenge series

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Challenge is the most compact car series from the Globe–Traveller family. The small height of these vehicles allows a comfortable use even in areas with very sharpened height limits. These vehicles are perfect for fast driving on the highways and the crowded streets of small and big cities. They are available in several interior layout variants which are known from the Explorer series.

Active series

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Active is a modification of the Challenge series . Instead of a back door of the car there occurs a wall made out of GRP laminate. This solution gives the opportunity to use two interior layouts which are impossible to copy in the inside of classic vans. An elegant and modern form of the back wall gives this vehicle series a unique and original character. The compact size of this Van gives a comfort of driving which is comparable to passenger cars.