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The Globe-Traveller brand has been present on the market since 2009. When we started the business, we had our heads full of great ideas. Hard work and true dedication of the whole team have borne fruit. Today, our camper vans can be seen on the roads all over Europe. The awards we receive confirm that our efforts are recognized not only by our customers, but also among the industry experts.

The very fact of belonging to one of the largest capital groups in Poland (Zasada S.A.) is, certainly, not without significance. This allows us to spread our wings and focus on the most important things - on the product we offer.

What we have achieved - to a very large extent - we owe to our clients. Their requirements continuously provide us with new challenges. We do our best to meet the expectations of the most demanding users. And what is important, we are still doing it with the same kind of passion that accompanied us during the construction of our first camper vans.

Globe-Traveller RV


What makes our camper vans special?

Modified roofs

As a result of additional roof modification a pull-down folding bed has been fitted inside. When down, one can still use the dinette. All Voyager and Pathfinder models with this roof adaptation are 3 meters high. In addition, the clearance distance between floor and the ceiling is 210 cm in the dinette and 195 cm in the rear part of the habitation area.

Modified garage doors

Standard doors of the panel van have been replaced with lightweight composite wall, giving additional space inside. Usable floor length has been extended by additional 12 cm. A large lid provides a comfortable access to the garage. For safety, it works with a central locking system. You will find this modification in the Voyager series and Active ZS.

Pull down folding bed

The pull down folding beds are standard equipment in all Pathfinder and Voyager models. This unique system evokes many positive emotions among those who see it.
What looks like a cabinet at first glance, can be easily converted into relatively large bed (187 x 134 cm), and you can still use the dinette area when the bed is down. Additionally, it folds and unfolds effortlessly.


Internal sliding doors

Privacy is especially important for families traveling with children. Creating this 'bit of privacy' on relatively small surface is quite a challenge.
In all series, models marked with the letter X and the Voyager XS, are equipped with internal sliding door. During the day they remain almost invisible. At night, they close the bedroom separating it from the front of the habitation area.


A 'bike' version

A solution appreciated by enthusiast cyclists. A 'bike version' as an option, available in Pathfinder and Explorer Z models, allows to carry two bicycles inside the garage. For easy loading and unloading slide-out rack has been installed.

Double floor

Super high roof panel vans are a base for Voyager, Pathfinder and Explorer series to get a truly winterised conversions. A double floor under entire habitation area with proper insulation let these RVs to be used all year round.


How do we work?

Attention to details

"Attention to detail can't be (and never is) added later. It's an entire development philosophy, methodology, and culture." - Marco Arment
The way we produce camper vans is not a typical assembly-line. At every step in the process, we take into account the uniqueness of each motorhome, and we adjust all details so that the whole is complete and everything perfectly fits together.
This approach gives us the ability to achieve thoroughness and accuracy when accomplishing every single task.

Proven solutions

We believe that tried and tested practices, materials and solutions not only increase the efficiency and productivity, but also ensure the highest possible quality of the final product.
Continuous research, in-depth testing and adoption of industry best practices let us set ourselves ambitious goals. Consistency in striving to achieve these goals and in the implementation of each of them, allows us to deliver products that meet customer expectations as closely as possible.

Feature rich standard equipment

We believe that the comfort of using a motorhome requires a certain minimum level of equipment. Therefore, in the standard, we install a number of components, which in the case of other manufacturers, are on the list of extra-paid options. Electric step, passenger airbag, leisure battery, Truma Combi™ heating, skylights, 'turbo vent' are just a few examples of what is included in the base equipment.

Long list of options

For those of our customers who want their camper vans to really stand out from the crowd, we offer a long list of optional equipment to allow true personalisation of their motorhomes. Leather upholstery, leather steering wheel and gear knob, automatic air conditioning, GPS navigation, solar panels, TV set with satellite receiver, and many more options are available for your choice.