The styling package of the future



What is the Ergodesign styling package?

The history

We have carefully analysed the market trends, customers’ feedback and expectations they had been sharing with us over the previous years. Initially, the plan was to revamp the Globe-Traveller Voyager models in terms of styling the exterior and interior of the vehicle through deployment of recommended changes that do not require structural and technological redesign. We wanted to keep the best features of our vans unchanged and only focus on improving the interior design and functionality.
To achieve the goals we have set ourselves, we teamed up with Ergodesign - a creative studio and the team of extremely talented Polish designers.

Since its launch, the Ergodesign package has proved its value to our customers and is currently a 'go for option' for most of our clients. That is why we have made it available for all Globe-Traveller models. The exterior design, originally reserved for camper van units with Ergodesign only, has evolved to be a standard for all our vehicles starting from 2021.

The styling Package

The Ergodesign package brings modern and distinctive selection of internal materials and colors to customize the interior in a truly unique way. Two main colorways are available: light and dark. Both create the style of the interior modern and pleasant to your eyes at the same time.

Functional improvements

Ergodesign package provides a number of functional improvements, including:

  • Upgraded bathroom with the polycarbonate shower doors and wooden floor
  • Leather-covered wooden armrest and cup holders next to the passenger bench
  • Additional storage and niche under the dining table
  • Ambient LED floor lighting
  • Additional kitchen drawer
  • Pushlock coat hooks

More than just a style

New options and new standard

In addition to compelling styling changes, by creating the Ergodesing package, we have implemented several new technical solutions that are now available in all our models, regardless of the selected interior trim option. Some of the features became a standard and some have been added to the list of options.


  • Fully adjustable, comfortable passenger bench
  • Fold-out table
  • Wooden sink and kitchen covers


  • New handles for closing the sliding doors
  • Inspection flaps
  • Entry step illumination