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Vehicles from the Explorer series are constructed on the basis of an original body of the basic car. They are equipped with four seats for the travel and they offer a night rest for two persons in the standard version. There is also a possibility to change the table, sofa, and rotating seats at the front into a third place for sleeping.
The space over the driver’s seat and the table is filled in with boards so that all necessary things have their easily accessible place. There is a big space for luggage under the bed – a comfortable access to it is ensured by wing doors.

With the length of merely 6m and the height below 3 m Explorer XS ensures travelling and sleeping seats for two persons and a comfortable housing space. Compact dimensions help the movement and parking in cities, as well as travelling by ferries. The possibility to use it all year round and a big compressor fridge make Explorer XS an ideal travelling means. It is equipped with four seats for travelling and it can be also used as an everyday car for a universal usage.


Total length 599 cm
Total width 206 cm
Total height 280 cm
Internal height 195 cm
Weight in running order ± 3% 2945 kg
Technically permissble maximum mass 3500 kg
Wall insulation 20 mm
Roof insulation 20 mm
Height of the crawl space (double floor) 16 cm
Permissible numer of persons 4
Sleeping places max. 3
Rear bed size 188×123 cm
Size of a bed in the middle (O) 167×98 cm
Shower tray size 45X65 cm
Toilet cassette, Dometic CTS4110
Fridge/freezer compressor, CoolMatic CR-110, 100 l/10 l
Cooker 2 gas burners, glas cover
Sink stainless steel, glas cover
Heating Truma Combi 4 Gas; optional: Truma Combi 6 Diesel
Fresh water tank 100 l
Waste water tank 130 l
Living area battery, gel 85 Ah
Automatic battery charger 12 V/16 A
Sockets 230 V/12 V 2/1